In the food service industry, there’s a possibility for the existence of a perfect duo. It doesn’t matter what your restaurant concept is, equipping your back-of-house (BOH) with a complete kitchen display hardware will surely be a huge plus in increasing the efficiency of your kitchen as well as the quality of your operation.

Let’s have some insight as of the benefits restauranteurs see when they introduce a kitchen display hardware system into their restaurant business. Some of the value criteria that we will be looking at are the costing of the business, the business performance transparency as well as the enhanced communications between staff of the restaurants business itself.

Go Green and Cost Saving

At about RM8 per roll, the cost of printing increases gradually nowadays especially for restaurant business. Therefore, there a lot of significant benefits to go digital and reduce the use of basic paper systems, which in the other hand can also bring a positive impact for the mother earth herself. By reducing or knocking out the use of paper ticket printing, your business operation cost will eventually go down every year.

Improving Kitchen Efficiency

With a kitchen display hardware, you have a full transparency of all the orders coming in from placement to the back kitchen and finally the food serving to the customer. Color coding and food items will optimizes the turn-time between each other. The color coding will indicates how long an order has been made and will alert the staff if there’s any attention needed for any late serving order. The utilization of this color coding and the prep time will surely bring up the BOH game for restaurant business. Furthermore, KDH will also analyse your restaurant business, for example, how long does it take to prepare a certain menu items.

Business Data Discernment

With your KDH, you will be able to access a lot of sales report, which will give you a tremendous amount of insight into your kitchen operation. You can access data such as the speed for your kitchen operations , for example the order fulfilment as in day, hour or staff.

 Seamless Intergration

As KDH can integrate fully with your restaurant business operation, there’s no need of extra manual effort. Configuration can be made to your catering and food order delivery on the display earlier before their drop-off. This is to reduce the unnecessary clutter and confusion for the back kitchen. Likewise, you can manage a big restaurant with the help of kitchen display hardware together with your point of sale system.

As like chalk and cheese with the very basic receipt paper ticketing systems, a kitchen display hardware (KDH) integrates directly with your point of sale system which will capture and send the real-time information to the back kitchen in digital form. This digital process for sure will be better and more efficient in order to manage and speed up the workflow of your restaurant.




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