Now that we talk about POS system hardware, what are the key components that’s in it?
There’s a few key product of iMin Technology Sdn Bhd that provides all the Point Of Sale system solution. Now, in the POS system, what are the essentials hardware that you need in order to run your business?

These POS hardware includes:

  • POS Machine or what we all known as Cash register
  • Cash Drawer
  • Display monitor for both merchant and customer
  • QR / Barcode Scanner
  • Receipt Printer


Let’s talk about the POS hardware after we broke them down part by part.

POS machine/Cash Register

This is the most vital and biggest component of your POS system. Basically it runs your POS system software. Besides that, it’s also called POS Machine or Cash Register. Basically, you use this hardware to record

Your business sales transaction and print receipts. Some sophisticated POS machines even comes with software such as Linkerfoo which allows them to manage their inventory, staff and customers all together


TIP: Here’s some useful advice , don’t ever use your POS machine or Cash Register to surf the Internet. This. may exposed them to malicious malware or virus which may compromise your whole POS system.
Your POS Machine should only be used for the following task:

  • Manage your sales transactions,
  • Provide sales analysis and report,
  • Manage stock level and staff

Cash drawer

What actually is a cash drawer?

A cash drawer is a place whereby all your precious valuables such as cash,  coins cheques and even receipts are stored inside. It helps you to organise those valuables and also provides security for them.
Now, let us see how does a cash drawer work?
Frankly speaking, it’s quite simple actually.

After you have completed a sales transaction, your receipt printer will send a signal to the cash drawer, triggering it to open itself for you to store your cash and give change. Therefore, it is important for you to keep your cash drawer locked after your shift ends. Only the authorised staff can have access to the cash drawers in order to reduce any in-house-theft.

Receipt printer

A receipt printer is an important part of your POS system. It is used widely in retails, F&B etc. In this way, both the merchant and customer can keep track of their transactions. Some restaurant also uses kitchen printers or at the bat to print out customer’s order ticket too. There are some of the basic receipt printers which are known in the market:

  • Thermal printer – fast and silent printing, most commonly used.
  • Bluetooth printer – connects the printer to the POS terminal via wireless Bluetooth which is good for instant receipt printing.

QR/Barcode Reader

A POS qr/barcode scanner can read printed barcode and send the data to your POS terminal.

Using a barcode or qr code helps you to speed up your checkout progress and track all your inventory accurately especially for business like retail and supermarkets. However, there are two kind of barcodes scanner:

  • 1D (one-dimensional) – only able to read horizontal and linear code
  • 2D (two-dimensional) – able to read vertical and horizontal code in random shapes. 
  • Information viewing
  • Meal ordering and payment
  • Loyalty programme
  • Point or even cashback programme

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