For those who often made a lot of purchase from stores, they should have come across one thing, QR code; however, whether they know it’s a QR code or not, they are looking at a totally different matter. In fact, what actually is a QR code? A QR code is type of visual representation which carries the product information readable by machine. For layman terms, QR code is a box picture with random black patterns on it which can be found on the packaging of a product.

Quick Response code, or as we all know by the common abbreviation of QR code, are pretty much similar to a barcode. Like barcode, QR code contains information which can be read by the machine regarding to the information of the item to which it is attached to. Even so, in the other way, it is different from the barcode, a barcode is 1-dimensional whereby QR code is 2-dimensional, which means it can contain information in 2 direction, horizontal and vertical. There are a lot of information stored inside a QR code, ranging from giant corporation to small businesses such as grocery store. Everyone can create their own QR code and attach it to their products.

Over the decade, QR code have gained popularity due to the rise of smart devices in the market. Many business begins to transform their payment method into using QR pay. This cashless type payment are very convenient in a way that the client can straightaway make payment through scanning the QR code using any their phone or being scanned by the smart devices provided by the seller.

Although both QR code and barcodes serves the same purposes, there are still some significant difference between them, one if it is the appearance of them. QR code , as you can see is a mixture of random shapes that is contained inside a square shape visual, whereas a barcode is a rectangular shape that has many uneven parallel lines in different thickness.

In the market now, many big corporation or even small businesses owner had beginning to adapt to the cashless payment method. One way is through QR code scanning. There are many type of QR code reader device that can carry out this function.

Our company, iMin Technology Sdn Bhd has such a QR code reader device which carries the function of 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional code scanning, namely iMin X1. Besides barcode, X1 can also perform QR code scanning function. Some of the key feature of X1 is the remarkably fast recognition of 1D/2D payment code, which is 0.3 seconds. The small size of the X1 also makes it a portable device and can be place alongside the main pos system device.

As a conclusion, cashless payment have evolved into a trend nowadays, and of course, it will slowly bring transformation into the retail business and thus easing the payment system by consumer.

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