In this digital era whereby technology is constantly evolving, it is slowly transforming the food and beverages industry as well as the retails industry in a way that it can bring about the increase of sales, production and ultimately resulting in a better client experience. Within the past few years, we’ve seen a remarkably demand growth for restaurants to have internet connections, membership programmes, as well as food delivery and online ordering. So the main question is, how do the restaurant owner cope with his kind of technology evolution to keep up with their sales and make technology to work for them?

Let’s have a look at the self ordering kiosk as an example. Over the decades, restaurant operator have been looking ways to improves their customer service ratings and shorten the waiting times during rush periods. Bear in mind that the consumers these day are tech whizzers, the industry is looking for a solution that will benefit not only the consumer, but also the merchant as well. So what actually are the advantages or functions of the self ordering kiosk that would benefit both party, the customer and the merchant?

Shorten Waiting Times During Rush Hour

Restaurant owner have a limited number of staff at a certain shift period, and with only less staff managing the cash during the rush hour, surely the queueing line will build up in your restaurant. At this time, a self ordering kiosk will come in handy as it allows your customers to order and make their payment at their leisure, thus increasing the sales as you will be taking in more orders which surely have an impact in your sales. As the e-wallet payments such Touch N Go E-wallet and GrabPay is rising, the convenience standards are also increasing and are higher than ever. By shorten the wait times during order and payment period, the restaurant will be able to take some weight off his staff’s shoulders during peak times, while delivering the kind of service which will be spread off from them to their friends – thus a win/ win situation for both party.

Enhancing the Accuracy of Order

With the orders being made and submitted by the customers themselves, the margin of error will decrease significantly. A self ordering kiosk with a visual menu is a godsend for clearing misunderstandings as they will ensure the customers to know their orders. As the order accuracy increases, the back kitchen wont be wasting a lot of unnecessary time preparing the wrong items, thus reducing the wrong-order complaints from the angry customer.

Cheaper Labour Cost

By having a self ordering kiosk inside your restaurant, the restaurant owner will have the flexibility of staffing. With the influx of orders coming in to the kitchen, restaurant owner can assign some of the front-of-house staff to help at the back kitchen. In the meantime, the owner can save on the labour cost, this way he can also devote more staff in helping customer to solve their issue and create a better customer experience for them.

As a result, our company, iMin Technology Sdn Bhd created and produced such a product which is the self ordering kiosk, namely iMin S1. Some features of S1 such as Japan Seiko core printer, larger display monitor and modular design are carefully thought in order to provide a complete solution for the customer themselves. Furthermore, it also supports the cashless payment system in 1D/2D and 3D payment code scanning, which in future are use for the facial recognition payment method.

As a conclusion, S1 are designed in a way that with a variety configurations for variety scenarios such as self ordering, self cashier, and self service cashless payment method.

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