Nowadays, with all the innovation all POS machine out there coming out, what factors actually determines which is the best POS machine out from them all? Whether it’s a business POS system or just a improvement and upgrading from the old POS system, finding the almost-perfect solution needn’t be a headache. Here are some guidelines to be considered which is the best POS machine from all the available POS machine out there.


  1. Hardware compatibility and cost of setup

One good thing about POS is that the cost of running them are relatively low compared to the cost of getting them. Besides the software, you have to invest a considerable amount in hardware part such as the cash drawers, qr code scanner and others as well.


  1. What exactly are the features that you need?

As we all know, POS systems can be used in a lot of business, mainly in retails and F&B. As retailers, the features that your business need maybe vary to that of a restaurant POS system. As such, you need to pinpoint the right feature to make your business a roaring success. Before start looking around for the POS system for your business, construct a list of feature that you need the most from your future POS and use it as a guideline to get the best POS system in your search.


  1. Decide if you want a cloud-based POS for your business

There’s a surge in the number of businesses that are switching over to cloud-based POS system. Very much different from the conventional POS system, the cloud-based POS stores all of your data in the cloud – which is a digital space with almost unlimited storage that can be access anytime, anywhere as long as there’s internet connection.  However, some people are worry over the security of the cloud-based POS because they are still new to the concept of it. But the truth is that since the service provider protect the data for so many other user, they for sure had already invest heavily in the greatest security possible too.


  1. A support frame for your own business growth

While you may be content with your current situation now, there’s no telling to when the time will come for you to have the thought of expanding your business. As cold as one truth can be, some POS may have the limitation as to the number of outlets for your business, which eventually, you will have to invest a huge amount again for the new POS to accommodate your business expansion.


  1. Support for Customer into long term relationship

In the other hand, if you were to choose a POS system, bear in mind that you are not just buying into a system, but rather building a long term relationship with the provider for your business. One of the most vital services that a great POS hardware provider can offer is their excellent customer support. POS hardware cost retailer time and money and of course, having someone with the in-field knowledges about the hardware will be a huge plus for the POS provider.


Last but not least, a commit into a good POS system which fit their unique needs is a must for the business to run smoothly.

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