iMin Partner Summit 2020 Digital

Reimagine Business in the IoT Era

20th Nov 2020 | 2:30 PM (SGT)

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and live streaming

Our Vision

iMin is committed to using advanced technology to digitalize SMBs,
not just for their business, but the way they do business.

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Event Highlights & Key Takeaways


Cutting-edge IoT Technology live show


Local partners sharing insightful market findings


How face recognition brings fairness to workplace


True user experience sharing: How technology change my business

Featured Speakers

Guest of Honor
Mr. Desmond Tan
Minister of State,
Ministry of Home Affairs &
Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

Hubert Wang

Founder of WEEBO PTE LTD

Richard Liking

CEO of Dalenta

Frank Geng

Sales Director of iMin

Event Live Streaming Channels

Join Us
You are invited to iMin Partner Summit 2020, Below are the summit agenda.
Opening speech by Guest of Honour
Why should Singapore embrace IoT as an essential part in the making of a smart nation?
iMin Product Introduction
-iMin Smart Point of Sales Device
How IoT helps merchants to excel in business
-iMin Human Capital Management Device
How HCM system brings fairness at work
Partner sharing session
Weebo(Singapore) & Dalenta(Indonesia)
User experience sharing session
Smart POS Device
Human Capital Management Device