Changing content from the cloud to create a dedicated brand

Now, with a simple configuration of the partner platform, you can unify the desktop components of the device




Pleasure at the first sight

The first time the system is powered on, the preference setting is booted and the device is activated, such as a channel device, to automatically configure the channel customizations.

Better understanding of device status in the cloud than on site

During a remote connection, you can view device information, serial number, memory usage, battery power (and whether to plug in power), device application lists, set item switch status, and more.

Remote Assitant

High-quality projection and voice services to demonstrate usage, software installation and debugging, and quick troubleshooting of equipment problems to merchants.

A deep understanding towards the device itself through the hardware experience tour

The customer can perform an automatic physical examination on the device, the technician can view the physical examination report in the background, quickly locate the problem, and decide the solution.

Updates, Keep Pace, Extend Lifecycle

The OTA function ensures the update and iteration of the iMin OS system, pushes the latest system to the device at the first time, always brings the latest experience to the user, and prolongs the service life of the device.

Smart POS Device
Human Capital Management Device