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The shop’s good helper

Desktop-style integrated banking equipment, with remote point of view, self-service settlement, online order, quick order meal, queue number, front-desk settlement, member management, settlement, bills printing, inventory management and other functions.

Mocca Gold                                                                                           Phantom Black                                                                                       Moonlight White

Free to go pairing with HD display

A variety of colors, including new moonlight white and mocca gold

Built-in 80mm Japanese Seiko Printer

1D/2D/3D Face Recognition Technology

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                  Phantom Black        Moonlight White     Mocca Gold

Display specifications

                  15.6”+15.6”   15.6”+10.1”    10.1”+10.1”

dual-screen interaction

A more intelligent dual-screen interaction can be achieved with a single system for the same application to be displayed on both screens, and all interactions can be easily implemented.

Sophisticated Appearance

It combines color, texture, fine detail and simple lines to provide a pleasure visual effects.

Professional Receipt Printing

Built-in 80mm Precision High Speed Printer with a unique design of 80mm and 58mm printer paper for up to 250mm/s printing speed.

360° View

HD resolution

15.6″ touch display, 1920×1080 resolution, giving you a vivid visual effect.

Rich interface

A variety of rich interface design, which can be connected with various 1D/2D/3D cameras to achieve face recognition payment and other functions.

Experience Interaction

The auxiliary screen can be used for displaying the windows of video and menu pictures, the double-screen special display can be an interactive cash register and a good assistant of the shop.

Smart POS Device
Human Capital Management Device