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On time

Zero-latency, improves communication efficiency on front and back kitchen operation.

 Full process monitoring

 from kitchen to customer arrival

 Automatic classification

Order auto-sorting, classification, time out, alerts, effective avoidance of false and slipped order.

Food Alert

Call Reminder

21.5″ HD display with wall

100M internet connectivity

capacitive touch screen, multipoint touch

3W Speaker Voice Broadcast

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The kitchen comes out in the same way as the front hall, so that the progress of the meal serving is transparent and the customer satisfaction is improved,

Help eliminate the back-cook’s intelligent, digital blind area and realize the intelligence of this important store area.



The cook can receive the food through the KDS, make and complete the progress input, realizing the transparency of the cooking progress, improve the satisfaction of the customer, and relieve the service pressure of the front hall attendant.


Flexible partners

Exquisite design

A pure metal frame with a 21.5″ HD screen which shows more content and all the images are crystal clear.

Industrial design

The industrial grade design standard has longer service life, industrial grade structure design, dust prevention, explosion prevention, static prevention, interference prevention and longer service life.


Infinite network

The invention has the advantages of no limitation of network line, 100M adaptive Ethernet, pre-installed external 2.4G WiFi antenna, stronger adaptability of Bluetooth 4.2, a more flexible connection and much more stable transmission.

The paperless kitchen is more environmentally friendly, and refuses to pass on the missing menus.

The paperless design supports environmental protection and fundamentally solves the problem of missing a bill due to printer failure.


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Human Capital Management Device