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Built-in NFC module can write off the card and implement member management


Built-in 58mm Precision High Speed Printer, Reliable, Durable

  5.5 inch  

Full Screen for Touch Screen


0.3 seconds fast recognition of 1D/2D payment codes




Rechargeable base with HD display

Comes with the 4G or Wifi version

Built-in 58mm Precision High Speed Printer

1D/2D Fast Identification Payment Code


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  Flexible partners

Exquisite design

Every curve is finely crafted, every angle is carefully considered, and every picture is beautifully exposed.

Multi-Scene Usage

NFC Module, Near-field communication features can be applied to cards, Implementing Membership Management Functions.

a robust precision printer

Built-in Japanese Seiko High Speed Printer, Enables reservation fetching, Receipt settlement, Bill Printing Features, For mobile application scenarios, Simple and stylish.

360 ° view

Support multiple scenario usage

Support store membership card function, can provide members with points and other additional services, toimprove the loyalty of the store members.









Full channel receipt capability

Merging IC card, NFC, Digital payment.

Smart POS Device
Human Capital Management Device