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iMin  K2 Technical specifications

Look at this table for all technical specifications and everything you need to know about the features and performance of iMin K2.


21.5″  1920×1080  






USB Type Ax4, Micro USBx1,HDM1x1
OTGX1,3.5mm Earjack Port x1、RJ11x1、
RJ12x1、RJ45x1、TF Cardx1、DC Jackx1




Technical Specification


        Processor                                                 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 32-bit 1.6GHz

        Operating System                                    Android 7.1 iMin OS 

        Memory                                                    RAM: 2GB, ROM: 16GB

        Display                                                      15.6″(FHD) 1920×1080

        Touch screen                                            Capacitive touch screen  Multi touch Screen

        Connectivity                                             USB Type_Ax4, Micro USBx1, HDMIx1, OTGx1, 3.5mmEarjack Port x1, RJ11x1, RJ12x1,RJ45x1, TF卡x1, DC Jackx1

        Communications                                      Ethernet: 100M, Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G, Bluetooth: BT4.2 

        Power Adapter                                         Input:100-240Vac  Output:24Vdc 2.5A

        Physical keys                                           Power Key

        Speaker                                                     1.5W Mono

        Weight                                                       1.5Kg

        Dimensions                                               382x252x44mm

        Certification                                              CE  IMDA

Exquisite design

A pure metal frame with a 21.5″ HD screen which shows more content and all the images are crystal clear.

Industrial design

The industrial grade design standard has longer service life, industrial grade structure design, dust prevention, explosion prevention, static prevention, interference prevention and longer service life.

Infinite network

The invention has the advantages of no limitation of network line, 100M adaptive Ethernet, pre-installed external 2.4G WiFi antenna, stronger adaptability of Bluetooth 4.2, a more flexible connection and much more stable transmission.

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