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Self-service catering

Self-service cashier

Self-service payment

Face Recognition payment








Built-in 80mm Seiko core printer
VESA standard bracket
POS Module,Scan window,Printer module design
1D/2D/3D Face Recognition Technology


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Flexible Parts

Japan Seiko core printer

A professional grade thermal printer built with the core part of Japanese Seiko 80mm chip. The paper feed outlet design is fast and stable, thus resulting it being smooth and avoid the paper’s to be stuck during feeding.

Large Screen Display

21.5″ Touch All-in-One, Full HD 1920×1080 resolution Bright Screen.

Modular design

A thoughtful modular design which makes the product assembling simple and efficient.

Classic Bracket Design

A sophisticated, self-service new retail experience with a variety configurations for a variety of payment scenarios.

Smart POS Device
Human Capital Management Device