Frequently Asked Questions (Desktop)

How do I set up my secondary screen to display videos or image advertisements?

You may integrate the iMin customer display SDK into the software and design your own customer display. Please refer to this link for the iMin customer display SDK. 

Can I turn off my customer display on the iMin D Series?

It is not possible to turn off the customer display on the D Series through settings.

Why are there display issues when using Google Chrome to open web applications?

You may go to your Chrome Browser and search for chrome://flags. Use the search flags to look for GPU Rasterization and disable it. After disabling, please relaunch your Chrome Browser. 

How can I perform a factory reset?

Turn off your device and press the reset button (using a SIM ejector pin or paper clip) & Power button to bring up the boot menu. Continue to use the reset button to navigate to the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option and press the Power button to confirm.

Reminder: All the data in your device will be deleted after the factory reset.

Note: The reset button is the tiny hole next to the power button. For the K series, the reset button is further away from the power button which is located at the rear of the device.

Can my iMin device duplicate its display to another external monitor / TV through cable connections?

Only the iMin K1 model can support external display through cable connection.

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