Handheld Android POS Devices 

The POS hardware game is constantly evolving according to the global shifts in digital payment trends. These trends are influenced by two main factors – technological advancements and consumer preferences in various forms of payment methods. In this article, the rising trend of handheld Android POS devices will be discussed. 



featuring iMin’s Falcon 1 Tablet POS


Technological Advancements in POS 

One notable technology that has been gaining popularity in recent years would be SoftPOS. It refers to software point-of-sale applications in which merchants can adopt to turn any Android device into a payment acceptance terminal, without the need to purchase any additional software. The current SoftPOS solutions are compatible with only Android operating systems.  

Traditionally, POS hardware devices are manufactured and certified accordingly with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, making them eligible to receive, read and process EMV Chip card data. Hence, it is understood that such POS hardware devices must be specially designed for commercial usage.

However, through the applications of SoftPOS, merchants are now able to turn any device – even their personal mobile devices that are NFC-compatible into a payment acceptance device. 


Consumer Preferences in Payment Methods 

Many consumer surveys conducted throughout the world support the claim that customers are developing preferences to adopt mobile wallets to pay for their goods and services. Contactless payments and mobile wallets have been rising rapidly in popularity, accelerated by the recent COVID19 pandemic.

In 2020, Mastercard noted a 40% spike in contactless payment methods as early as the first quarter of the year. Unsurprisingly, consumers were fearful of the spreading of germs with the traditional method of exchanging physical cash, and were forced to rely on contactless payments. However, it seems that old habits are hard to shed, and consumers are holding on to the new found convenience that contactless payments have brought to their lives. 


Why should I adopt a handheld Android POS device? 

There are a multitude of benefits that a mobile POS solution can bring to a business as compared to a traditional set up. 



With a traditional POS set up that does not embody an all-in-one design philosophy, merchants are required to purchase additional hardware to create a wholesome solution. For example, they would be required to purchase external receipt printers, cash drawers and payment terminals.

However, with the benefits of SoftPOS and iMin’s M2 Mobile POS, merchants can simply run their business using one device. This allows entrepreneurs and small merchants an affordable solution to enter the digital payment ecosystem as they are able to omit the cost of purchasing multiple attachments. In addition, they would also have a lower cost to maintain their POS hardware. 

featuring iMin”s M2 Mobile POS




By adopting a handheld POS device, merchants are able to take their business on the go. This is extremely beneficial for businesses that operate in different locations such as food trucks, pop-up stalls for events and even sidewalk vendors that are popular in Asian countries. Accepting mobile payments would greatly benefit such businesses as they would reduce the amount of time wasted to receive cash payment and provide change to the customers. 

In addition, the lightweight device can also help businesses to assist customers quickly and efficiently. In a restaurant setting, waiters are able to take these portable POS devices directly to the customers and process their orders or payment at their table. During busy times, this can really cut down on the waiting time and congestion at the payment counter, which will create a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. By improving customer service and customer engagement, businesses can build on brand loyalty. 


Cost Effectiveness:

For a lower price as compared to a modern desktop POS set up, using an NFC-enabled Android phone or tablet can allow small merchants entry into the digital payment space. Hence, such merchants that were previously stuck using traditional cash registers can reap the benefits of a modern POS device

In addition, with powerful hardware design and a suitable software application, the device can also be transformed to serve many purposes. iMin’s new Swift 1 Mobile POS is an excellent example of such a device. 

Apart from a long battery life, the Swift 1 comes with attachments that is equipped with a thermal printer – capable of printing 58*40mm receipts with a speed of 100mm/s. Receipt printing has never been easier with this lightweight and portable device.

In addition, it has a Scanner module that quickly turns the handheld device into a barcode scanner that also recognizes QR codes, barcodes and payment codes. Hence, the versatility and utility that the Swift 1 can bring to any business is extremely evident.


iMin Swift 1

featuring iMin’s Swift 1 Mobile POS with various attachments


Closing Thoughts

As the world progresses, trends come and go. It is essential for entrepreneurs to recognize the preferences of consumers and keep their eye on industry standards. Merchants who fail to evolve with the world will only be eliminated. Hence, it is imperative that they see the value in having a modern POS solution and stay competitive in their space. The wave of contactless payments and mobile POS devices continues to increase, and iMin wishes to help all merchants across the globe remain relevant in this ever changing digital payment landscape. Get started with us today.

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