iMin UI

Presenting a whole new visual experience

iMin has redesigned every element to achieve visual uniformity for all system applications.


Swift start-up and customisation

Settings and preferences menu immediately appears when the device is powered on. Configure settings quickly and conveniently.

Advantages of iMin UI

iMin UI is an operating system based on the in-depth optimisation of the android system, tailored for intelligent commercial equipment. It is optimised from interactive experience and actual application for best system performance.

Kiosk Mode

Launch private mode to prevent applications from running without the system navigation bar, and block other notifications.

The user manual troubleshoots product usage problems. If you face any issues regarding the product itself, kindly refer to the user manual which will provide you quick and direct solutions.

Using the remote control function, the technician can remotely help the user with any issues. It is as convenient as operating directly on devices locally.


The hardware butler provides clear understanding of the device status at one glance.

Take charge of applications easily in your exclusive application market. Restrict the installation of third-party applications by vendors by reviewing all downloads.

Customise settings including network connectivity, display parameters, printer settings, and secure storage status updates.

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