A whole new visual experience presentation

Each interface element is redefined,

visual uniformity is enhanced,

and all system applications are covered.

The User manual includes all the product usage issue. When you face any issue regarding the product itself, kindly refer to the manual application which will provide you direct and quick solution.

With the remote control function, the technician can remotely control the user’s equipment, which is almost the same as he is directly operating the local equipment, the problem can be quickly found and solved.


A clear understanding of the device status.

App free-to-go apps market is in control of your exclusive app market, and other third-party apps need to be reviewed and confirmed by you. Can restrict vendors from installing any third-party application, therefore circumventing competitors in the same field.

Client can set network connectivity, Bluetooth, display parameters, sound size, application management, printer settings, and secure storage status updates for their device.

Multiple hardware requires only one configurable software interface

We’ve packaged different hardware specifications for client, so that they can use them in a

simple configuration,eliminating unnecessary machine adaptation and focusing in their bus-

iness development.

iMin Operating System Advantages

iMin OS is an operating system based on the depth optimization of the android system, tailored for the depth of the intelligent commercial equipment scene, optimized from interactive experience, system performance to an actual scene design.

User friendly

Permission Restrictions

Cloud  Synchronization

Diversified Payment Method

Application Targeting

Easy Management

Complete Function

Hardware Testing

Safe and Stable

Online Assist

Splash Mode Screen

Let our devices tap into private mode, No development is required to allow applications to run without the system navigation bar and status bar, and block other notifications.

System does not require Root Permission Cloud Set

No system customization is required to allow a developed application to gain dynamic permissions through cloud configuration

The application can be freely upload to the application store anytime, anywhere.

Customize your proprietary application market, and other third-party applications need to be reviewed and confirmed by you to limit the ability of vendors to install any third-party applications and to avoid competing applications.

Application Protection
Dynamic Permission Exemption
Quiet Installation/Uninstallation
System Settings Modification
System Shutdown/Restart Permissions
System Management Permissions
Network Management Permissions
Device Managements Permissions
Allows Suspension Display
USB-free Permissions
Remote Assistance Permissions
Smart POS Device
Human Capital Management Device