POS Accessories: Optimizing Your Point of Sale


The concept of POS (Point of Sale) devices may seem unfamiliar to the average person or consumer. However, for small, medium, and large business owners, it’s a concept that must be taken seriously, as a significant portion, if not all, of their operations require a POS device at some point.

Due to this, choosing the right device and accessories can make the difference between day and night. So much so that a poor accessory can become a real headache for the business, wasting valuable time that could be spent on operating the business rather than solving a problem that could be easily addressed.

So, for this reason, this article aims to educate business owners on avoiding simple mistakes.



What is a POS Accessory?

POS accessories, as the name suggests, are pieces of extra hardware , added to the POS Terminal in question, either because it is absolutely necessary for its use or to increase the number of functions the original device has. Among the absolutely necessary accessories is the laser printer for printing receipts, an absolute requirement for any entrepreneur or business for their sales. To enhance capabilities, there are QR code readers, for example, a scanner-type device that expands payment options by allowing customers to pay by showing their own QR code.


Types of POS Accessories: A Wide Range


The quantity and variety of POS Hardware Accessories are extremely high and available according to the business’s momentary needs. POS devices may come with card readers and NFC included in the base version, as is the case with the iMin Swift 1. However, not all POS devices are the same. There are also desktop versions, consisting only of additional a monitor, requiring the purchase of hardware equipment like a 1D Laser Scanner card readers, NFC, status lights, countertop receipt printing and whatever your business needs to function correctly.


Advantages of POS Accessories

I encourage business decision-makers not to view POS accessories as extra items that the industry is trying to sell to increase profits. On the contrary, they are an advantage for your business operations. If you already have a working POS device that doesn’t meet all the requirements your business needs, the existence of these accessories allows you not to have to buy a completely new device, discarding the old one. Instead, you can purchase only the tool that allows the extra function you need, saving a considerable amount of money, helping to create a flawless customer experience.


Recommended POS Accessories in Differents type of business

Restaurants: Mobile devices, compact like a cell phone, are usually used for restaurants. Although these devices often come with card readers, QR scanners, and everything included, there are still recommended POS accessories for these cases. Firstly, a very simple and extremely useful one is the charging dock. It may seem like an unnecessary extra, but it’s quite the opposite. Due to the long opening hours of food establishments, which their managers will know quite well, often operating for more than 12 consecutive hours, the battery of these portable devices may fall short, as their usual maximum charge typically ranges between 8 and 10 hours in a long-lasting battery. Therefore, during extended hours, the POS device may shut down prematurely, creating a real problem for the entire team. A charging dock is a solution to this, easily allowing the device to be charged whenever it’s not in use, extending the battery life indefinitely. A hot-swappable 8-hour batteries is also an option in this case.

As a second accessory, there’s the module scanner. This accessory is available for the iMin Swift 1; it’s a module that connects to the existing device and allows barcode scanning for inventory, a task that can be daunting in food establishments, especially after long shifts. So, if you don’t already have a specialized device for closing the day’s inventory, the module scanner is a great solution (and cheaper than buying a complete specialized device).


Large Retail Business: Typically, retail stores with high customer flow use high-capacity devices capable of handling large inventory changes and high demand. These devices are usually sold without any extra functions included. Therefore, it’s necessary to buy the entire set of external accessories: barcode scanners, Socket Mobile, Credit Card Reader, NFC readers, thermal receipt printer, 2D Scanner and any other specific requirements the retail store might have. In summary, it will be the responsibility of the person managing the business to assemble these devices. Of course, many stores sells desktop hardware kit, such as the iMin Crane 1 for retail.

Retail Business with Less Flow: For these cases, using such powerful devices is not necessary since they don’t manage the same number of sales as in a large retail store. Therefore, smaller, more compact devices with basic functions are usually sufficient, this type of devices usually comes with an Integrated Printer & Cash Drawer in it. Accessories such as a credit card reader hardware QR readers or NFC scanners can be added according to specific business needs to enhance performance. There also exist all-in-one retail counter solution hardware devices in the market.

In conclusion, understanding and selecting the right POS accessories are crucial for maximizing operational efficiency and ensuring a seamless experience for both the business owner and the customer. Do not underestimate the power of these small devices in your business!

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