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A store’s great helper

The desktop electronic scale integrated equipment provides functions such as self-service weighing, self-service settlement business, bill printing, face ID payment, inventory management, etc. It’s most common used in self-service supermarkets and fresh fruit stores.

With the optional HD display, it’s designed to fit in freely

Maximum weight, 30kg

Built-in 80mm Japanese Seiko Printer

1D/2D/3D Face Recognition

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Screen Specifications

15.6”+15.6”   15.6”+10.1”    10.1”+10.1”

360 ° view

Desktop electronic scale integrated device

The maximum bearing weight is up to 30kg, the electronic scale and the POS machine are integrated with each other. After weighing, the display screen will display both weight information and price.

Professional printing

Built-in 80mm Seiko High Speed Printer with a unique paper bin design that is compatible with 80mm and 58mm printers for up to 250mm/s printing speed.

Dual-screen interaction

A more intelligent two-screen interaction that allows the same APP to be displayed on both screens with just a single system, and all interactions can be easily implemented.

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