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Whether you are running a dry cleaning shop, nail salon, or supermarket, there is a tailor-made POS solution for your business. Here are 19 in-depth articles on POS systems for various industries, to push your business to greater heights!

What you will find: comprehensive POS solutions for bakeries, organised by bakery types. Whether your bread and butter lie in a home-based business, cloud kitchen, mom and pop bakery, wholesale distributors, or bakery chains, we have it covered. Rise to the occasion with the right POS hardware.

What you will find: Suggestions on how physical bookstores can catch up with online retailers. For example, find out how POS systems can catch the wave of the “Shop Local” movement, and simplify book inventories.

What you will find: POS hardware types suitable for every type of bubble tea shop. See how mobile POS, desktop POS, and self-service kiosks can ramp up your business. Shake up the industry with your innovations!

What you will find: Whether your café is a minimalists’ haven, high-volume chain, or premium niche, there is a POS device which will optimise operations. Bonus: find out more about “experience-based retail”, the up and coming strategy that has been making waves in the café industry.

What you will find: Global saturation of the fashion industry has made it difficult for both multi-national companies and local retailers. Based on research from McKinsey and Deloitte, find out how your clothing store can harness trends such as omnichannel integration to thrive.

What you will find: Dry cleaners are a fading trade. This article shares how can compact, multi-functional, and delivery-centric POS systems can aid dry cleaners to provide more value to customers and increase profits.

What you will find: Recommendations on how to make your fast food restaurant even faster. Delight your customers by tapping on POS systems made for the fast food industry.

Recommended software providers: Eats365, Poster, and Firstcom Solutions


What you will find: As a business running on such a huge scale, franchises require accurate, timely, and detailed reporting. This article provides insights on which reporting features are key for franchises to do well, and shares a few software providers which have the scale to work with franchises.

Recommended software providers: Lightspeed, Franpos and Qasir


What you will find: As the gym industry bounces back stronger than ever, gym owners can look into using technology to up their game. From tailgate detection systems to tailor-made POS software, this article has it covered.

Recommended software providers: GymMaster, Armada POS, and Wellyx Fitness


What you will find: How hoteliers can go beyond the basic functions of their PMS and POS systems to delight their guests. Find out the ideal experience guests expect, and how to predict their needs before they even step through your door. 

What you will find: The scoop on POS systems which clear the bill before your customer’s ice cream melts. And the cherry on top – useful customer relationship management, analytics, and delivery platform options.

Recommended software providers: Gofrugal, SpicePOS, and 3FS Technology


What you will find: What frameworks do nail salons need to put in place to do well in the industry, and how can POS systems help with building them. Hit the nail on the head with these recommendations! 

What you will find: Why are localised POS systems crucial for pharmacies? Which POS systems can be integrated with insurance or prescription services? Does my pharmacy need more than one POS system? Get your dose of help here.

Recommended software providers: KiotViet, ATL Systems, and CashierLive


HWhat you will find: Restaurants, especially full-service restaurants, have to handle an array of POS equipment. For instance, mobile POS devices for tableside ordering, a desktop POS to manage the seating plan, and a kitchen display system to organise kitchen operations. Consider three all in one software providers to meet your needs.

Recommended software providers: Wongnai POS, Sapaad, Toast, EIGHTPOS, ACE POS


What you will find: Once central to everyday life, shopping malls have diminished in importance due to the rise of online platforms. Discover how mall operators can transform the retail experience in concrete ways using kiosks.

What you will find: Spas are an oasis for rest and relaxation, as self-care becomes an integral part of a balanced lifestyle. To keep pace with appointment (re)scheduling, customer relationship management, and employee supervision, spas may wish to invest in a POS system.

Recommended software providers: EGG POS, Loyverse, and SG Data Hub


What you will find: Supercharge your supermarket’s operations with a POS system. Whether your supermarket is looking for improved sales, inventory, or security systems, this article has your needs covered.

Recommended software providers: POS Nation, IT Retail, Centric POS and Nukkad Shops


What you will find: There is an appropriate POS system for every kind of takeaway business. Learn more about strategies including line busting and curation to boost your business. 

What you will find: One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure, but the three POS software recommended here are all treasures for thrift stores! Find out what features these software have to support thrift store operations here.

Recommended software providers: ThriftCart, Hike POS, and Weebo

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