POS System features

As we all know, a good pos system is a pos system which is made up from a few key features. These pos system features helps us determine and decide which type of pos system should we purchase for our businesses. Hardware and software form two major parts of a POS system that work in tandem to conduct sales transactions:


The hardware of a POS system consists of the physical setup like cash register connected to a PC or server, or even a portable device such as a tablet or smartphone connected to a cloud-hosted system.It may contain add-ons such as barcode scanner, receipt printer, label printer, cash drawer, scale for weighted items and a card machine to process the payments via debit or credit card.


The POS software stores the information and maintains it within a database. A feature-rich POS software provides a huge range of capabilities such as billing and order processing, sales monitoring and reporting, inventory tracking, returns, analytics, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management, and loyalty programs.Many POS software can be integrated to 3rd party software such as accounting software for bookkeeping, email marketing solutions, and ecommerce platforms for selling online.

Key features to look for in a POS system

Now that you know what a POS system is, here are 7 pos system features that you should look while purchasing it:

  1. Billing and order processing

A point of sale system must have the basic functionality of billing and order processing. It should be able to bill orders by scanning items and capturing different payment modes.It has the capability to generate order invoice, reprint and email to end customer along with adding the discount, customer details, additional remarks and salesman’s name to an order.

  1. Sales monitoring and reporting

The point of sale system must be able to generate a robust report on sales result. It should be able to report hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly takings and outgoings so that the merchants can easily understand the overall success of their business.

Sales trends such as seasonal demand in products, forecast on the basis of sales trends, insights on unnecessary product overspend, and information relating to stock management are some of the features of an advanced POS reporting module.

  1. Inventory and stock management

A POS system’s inventory management module must provide complete visibility and accountability at store level at all times. The system should provide a view of lot-wise inventory, SKU transaction history about ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘within’ movements of any SKU, and inbound & outbound inventory. It should be able to make stock adjustments i.e. increase/decrease stock while viewing inventory and capture the reason for stock adjustments.

  1. Cross channel returns management

Accepting cross-channel returns and facilitating refunds and replacements from any store location are some of the functionalities of a POS returns management module. The system should facilitate the creation of multiple returns for one sales order at different time intervals. It should capture details like the reason for return, salesperson’s name, and remarks.

  1. Customer relationship and experience

A point of sale system can help you retain your customers by storing customer data and purchase history. This can be used to provide a personalized experience to your customer. Customer data is highly useful for advertising as this data can provide insights on which customer would be interested in your sale. For example, sending a sale flyer for “30% off on oversized shirts” to the customer who wears a medium sized shirt would be a waste of time

  1. Employee management

It is surprising for many when we say that a POS system can be used to manage employees. But, an employee management module of a POS system can help you manage your staffing levels, employee hours, and sales performance which helps you to track employee productivity. You can track your employee activity by linking it with each transaction. This will help to bifurcate the good and weak performers so that you can take appropriate actions to improve their productivity.

  1. Loyalty programs and gift cards

Instead of using traditional punch cards, you can now track your customer loyalty incentives using the POS system. As the sales of gift cards is increasing every year, your POS system must have the capability to manage those as well.

Today’s POS system go beyond processing sales. As you have learned in the previous sections, a feature-rich POS can help increase efficiency and provide insights to help you improve your productivity. These are the reasons for you to switch to a POS system today. See how Vinculum can help you achieve that with a cloud-based POS system.

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